• In 2021, we raised $5275 — that’s 9 women cured of horrific childbirth injures.
    We are growing and can’t wait to see what next year brings.

  • Mark your calendars. 
    The next Skinny Dip Day is: Saturday, July 9, 2022. (Second Saturday of July).

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    Today, I am humbled by the generosity of others and the human connections that are created through giving. It was a fun, beautiful day, filled with sun, laughter, generosity and skinny dipping!! Thank you to each and every one of you who showed up, and enjoyed the day with us.
    — Kate, Gunnison Beach, New Jersey

    Skinny Dip Day was a warm and welcoming event. The host site in Copper Harbor, Michigan provided a great venue to support this cause as well as increase everyone’s body acceptance and body positive mindset. Smiles were had by both dippers and non dippers alike.

    — Brett, Keweenaw Naturists, Michigan

    It was great to see the annual skinny dip tradition come back after the unexpected hiatus. It has even more meaning with the great cause, the Fistula Foundation, benefitting from the generosity of naturists nationwide. On top of that it was a great way to meet new friends, lots of fun we had. We call on all naturists to donate what they can now, and make sure to participate next year and every year. Thank you!
    — Dennis, Bell Acres Resort, Georgia

    We had great weather and lots of willing participants for Skinny Dip Day.
    — Tina, White Thorn Lodge, Pennsylvania

What is Skinny Dip Day?


a good excuse to get out of your comfort zone and develop acceptance of yourself and others... united in all our flawed glory.


an opportunity to restore health to women who have had their bodies injured and shamed.


the biggest fundraisers receive recognition as World's Kindest Skinny Dippers; an official trophy; and t-shirts.

What is the charity?

On Skinny Dip Day, let’s restore health to women who have had their bodies injured and shamed.

ALL money raised goes to Fistula Foundation — one of the BEST and most EFFECTIVE charities in the entire WORLD for women — as rated by a plethora of third parties. Fistula is a tragic childbirth injury largely eradicated in the developed world, but still devastating women in the poorest countries. It’s curable with life-transforming surgery. Fistula Foundation provides these surgeries, which cost only (on average) $586!

Every $586 raised is another woman’s life transformed.

Where are the events?

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